Meet Makinzy!

Big sister Makinzy is a round-trip ticket on the hot mess express. She's truly something else. She's amazing. God brought her to our family in 2011, and we became her parents just nine days after we heard her story. We had not imagined or planned to adopt an older child, but we had no doubts that God brought us together.
She had just turned 7 years old. Like her little sister, she was tiny and feisty. And how she has grown and blossomed!
Makinzy still maintains contact with her birthfamily, especially were great-grandfather who was her primary caretaker in those early years. We honor and love them. Makinzy is proud of her story and loves to advocate for adoption. She's recently been talking about someday adopting when she is an adult. 

Makinzy is a natural-born caretaker! Mak is excellent at caring for both the young and the elderly.
She's currently in middle school.
She is bubbly and loving. She cheers, plays volleyball, and plays in the band. She's outgoing and caring, and is a fantastic big sister.