Our girls. Mira and Makinzy.

Our girls. Mira and Makinzy.

Hi! We're the Wilson family.

This website began as a way to communicate about our second adoption journey that began in January 2016. Originally, it was where we'd share about the paperwork and fundraising in our effort to follow God's path for our family. Since then, it has began to morph into a place to share updates our special baby born with a congenital heart defect, our prayer requests, our grief, then our third adoption journey, and just generally a place where we can share our story with friends and family.

God has used adoption in our lives to bless us with three precious children. He's used it to teach us faith, trust, and obedience. It has become our family's ministry and our testimony. Adoption illustrates redemption; it is beauty from brokenness and hope from heartache. 

Please feel free to follow along. We very much appreciate the love and support. 


The Wilsons