Long time coming!

WOW, guys. 

We officially began the wait about this time last year. July 18, to be exact. At first I thought, we might have a baby by Halloween! Then, more realistically, I thought Christmas, New Years maybe. I had then set my eyes on April 18, 9 months of paper pregnancy. I held on to that "due date" during the wait with fervor. And then the 19th came and I wanted to crumble. I distracted myself with the business of spring and with settling into our new house, which we moved into February 17. I did all kinds of crafts and projects and gardening and it was such a welcome distraction from the agonizing wait.

We scheduled an appointment with our social worker to update the home study to reflect our new address and decided to change our service plan (what we agree we are willing to consider/what situations we would like to be involved in) and take some more risks in an attempt to get our profile into the hands of more birthmothers interested in adoption. At that meeting, the Tuesday after Memorial Day, we learned we were chosen! We had been matched with a EM in NC who is expecting on July 1. JULY 1ST!!!!!

To make things more complicated (but joyful), on that very same day, J received a great promotion to principal of a large elementary school about 16 miles away. His official start date? July 1... 

We held the news to ourselves and immediate family initially until it was official and we made to official Facebook post.

We were originally told it was a boy, so when we got word it was girl, it kind of threw us for a loop! I had always hoped for a boy, but I am quite an experienced girl-mom and Jake is the BEST daddy for a little girl. We were overjoyed. 

We have learned that baby girl is expected to have congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. It's pretty serious, but there is hope. Patients with HLHS undergo a series three (scary) open heart surgeries in early childhood that basically rework the heart to make it function as a single ventricle unit. If there are no other defects or complications, there's a high probability that our baby girl can grow up and live a relatively normal life. She may not run a marathon or be an Olympic athlete, but chances are good that she can have a very full and normal life.

Please pray hard for us in the coming weeks. I can't wait to meet our precious gift!