A tale of labor

Once there was a little girl who had two mommies... a tummy mommy and a forever mommy. 

Before she ever even existed, forever mommy was planning for her arrival. She fundraised, organized a massive yard sale, educated people on adoption, filled out massive loads of paperwork, took countless classes. She labored. 

Soon after she was conceived, tummy mommy labored away looking for just the right forever family for her growing girl. 

Forever mommy labored with preparations and doubt and fear.

Tummy mommy labored with pregnancy pains and worries and heartache.  

Then tummy mommy and forever mommy got together. And with hands held, with help from the daddy who created her and the daddy born to raise her, we labored through an emotional, awkward, difficult two days and witnessed her entrance into the world.  

And now she's here. Twice loved. Twice labored. Welcome, sweet girl.

Mira Frances Wilson.