I've been asked a lot more details about our adoption, so I'm trying write down all the details.

We had called to update our homestudy in March, played phone tag all through April, and finally had a date set for May. I felt like it was three months wasted, but our social worker promised the move and subsequently required update wouldn't prevent our profile from still being shown in the meantime. So, anyways, A, our spunky and lovely social worker (whom I genuinely enjoy working with!) comes over the Tuesday after Memorial Day and takes a grand tour of the house and updates things like square footage, fire/carbon monoxide detectors, and other home study details, and such. We then talk about the desire to change our service plan to be a little more open to having our profile shown to legal risk situations in order to find a prospective BM. Right after I gave this spiel, she gets all excited and drops the bomb that changing our service plan was a moot point because we were chosen. WE were matched! She told us we matched with a 16 year old EM (expectant mother.. EF is expectant father... BM is birthmother and BF is birthfather in adoption language) in our state who was having a boy and that the baby might have a heart defect. We were still over the moon! 

To add to the joy (and stress?) of the situation. J had just literally received a huge promotion for a new job as a principal of a large elementary school on the SAME DAY (made official before the board of education just a few hours before) we found out we were matched with Baby Girl. And his official start date? July 1. Our due date. Talk about a wild day.

I first told a friend and Jake's coworker who is stepmom to one of M's best friends. We were so surprised by this news we were late picking M up from the middle school cheer tryouts and this friend volunteered to drop her off at our house. This friend had also adopted and has been a confidant and understanding ear in this process so the news tumbled out! We called friends and family but kept the news unofficial until EM met with her social worker to sign documents to officially select us. Over the next week, we learned that Baby W is actually a girl (!) and that  EM was a student and was still in school (a huge praise! I had been hoping she had not dropped out - supporting her education will be a huge goal for me as her cheerleader and friend) and that her grandmother had had a stroke. Despite the scheduling difficulties, she met with her social worker and made it official so we made our baby announcements public. 

This started the mad dash to prep and prepare the nursery! Several dear friends at work planned a shower for me, and Jake's school had a surprise shower for him with nearly the entire staff in attendance. My mom and aunts have thrown us one planned for Sunday. We've been given countless stacks and bags and boxes of baby things from my nieces and from friends, so I have sorted, labeled, cleaned and washed it all. We bought a rocking chair for the nursery and pulled together the finishing touches. 

In the meantime, I have also scoured the internet for stories of babies with HLHS, in an effort to learn as much as we can about what's coming up. Jake and I are so very hopeful and positive. We will have a long road, but we feel that God picked this little girl for us for a very special reason. 

We meet the EM (I now know her name but will just refer to her as S here!) and EF as well as their families tomorrow!!!!! I am baking a homemade pound cake and bringing her a Dr. Seuss book written to read to baby in utero. I don't know her expectations for openness (visits? emails? phone calls?) or her expectations for the hospital plan (can I be there and hold her hand? I hope... C-section or vaginal birth? What hospital?) and such.... but we will talk about that and exchange contact info to start forging a friendship. I love her already. I can't wait to hear her opinions for baby girl's name. I want her to help chose. We know the monogram will be mWf if you are dying to know that... #southernlife

I am so eager to meet them and start a relationship with our baby's first family who loved her enough to give her us. I will share more as I can!